Tuesday, 13 July 2021

New Shetland Book

 I am pleased to let you know that my book has just been published.

`Shetland Aurora Hunter'  (Limited Edition)

The Ultimate guide to seeing, understanding and photographing the Aurora in Shetland. Price £16+postage

The book covers the history of Aurora in Shetland, including Clement (From Scalloway) a pioneer in Aurora Research. Where and when to go. Understanding how the Aurora is formed and how to photograph it. It is A4 size , has 164 pages, 85 photos + diagrams and graphs

If you would like to order this book send me an email to shetlandaurorabook@gmail.com and quote your address.

Friday, 18 June 2021

Misty Shetland

Lots of activity today at Sumburgh airport, 5 planes and 6 helicopters including this on coming in from an oil rig
Looking south into Sandwick from our house
Taken from Sumburgh Head looking north to Fitful Head which is covered in mist

Taking time out to look at the seabirds at Sumburgh

Looks like filming has more or less finished for the BBC1 Drama `Shetland' due to be shown next year. They have been round many places in Lerwick , over to Burra and down in the south mainland. 

One case of Covid yesterday with a person coming back from Scotland, its never far away and we still have to take precautions

Lots of tourists in Shetland, most in Holiday homes and Caravans as Covid has made an impact on accommodation.

 Cunningsburgh one of 4 church due to close in the south mainland

The nights are drawing out and it will soon be Simmer Dim (21st) although we have  daylight at midnight when its clear.

Friday, 11 June 2021

A Busy Shetland

The weather has been very changeable these last few days after a superb week of sun. Now its foggy and windy but that is what Shetland is all about.

The Eclipse has now come and gone, much like the weather on the day, just having three brief glimpses in between cloud

Had a trip to Fetlar in good weather, good to get reacquainted with the island, not a lot has changed and few people visited on the day. Perhaps another 6/7 cars of visitors.

Brough Lodge Fetlar

We are now getting lots of visitors from down south and from Europe but not as many as usual as accommodation is fully booked with the restrictions due to covid. Did hear that all the ferry spaces have been booked up till early August, good job we booked in February

Foggy Sumburgh lighthouse

Filming has again been taking place around the islands for the BBC1 Shetland drama and others have been filming including Ben Fogel.

St Ninian island sunset

I have been surprised by the number of folk wanting to move to Shetland and a lot have never visited before. Housing prices have risen as a result and there is virtually no rented accommodation available

Looking north at Sumburgh farm with Sumburgh Hotel in the distance

Old tractor at Quendale

Although the Aurora season is now over until August you will be able to look through my new book `Shetland Aurora Hunter' The ultimate guide to understanding and photographing the Aurora in Shetland, which will be out in a couple of weeks. It looks at the Aurora in Shetland back to the 1700's,  and is well illustrated throughout. More details soon.


Sumburgh Hotel

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Shetland Spring- its nearly here

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Although we are in May looking out of the window some days you would think its winter in Shetland. Large hail stones, stormy skies and heavy rain combined with cold conditions has put a halt on Spring, although we are now getting Shetland lambs born

The Shetland BBC1 Drama film crew has now left the islands and it looks like it may be on TV next year. Phil Vickory (Chef) brought another film crew to Shetland for a few days and they seem to be filming around Brae.

Stormy clouds over Bressay

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Lerwick in the sun

 Good to get out for a walk in the sun

Parked down at Victoria Pier and headed north 

Fishing boats arrive in Lerwick harbour

Always worth a look around Hay's Dock and the museum area

The Pilot us in a sorry state

Looking south with the museum on right and Mareel in the distance

Shetland locations on the steps of the museum

A memorial to those that died at sea

Greenhouse as part of the festival of care outside the Mareel
Barrrels near the Gutters shed near the Mareel

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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Scalloway East Voe

 What a superb few days we have had, completely different to last weeks snow and cold

Had a trip down to East Voe in Scalloway having checked the tide times to ensure there was planety of tideline to check out
Blue skies- more like spring now

Old boat house, one of two that seems to have been closed for a long time

Not sure what this large metal object was but it was nice to frame a boat

Fishing boats outside the new fish factory near th castle

The second boat house

Looking north towards the end of East Voe

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