Friday, 25 May 2018

Amazing Shetland

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Its that time again and we are on Tour in Sheffield soon. If you would like to join us for an illustrated talk on Amazing Shetland which includes wildlife, landscape, Aurora and life in Shetland  then we would be pleased to see you on Tuesday 26 June 2018, as detailed on the poster. You will need to order you tickets in advance so they can sort out the catering, over 40 attended last year

                                                                                                          Shetland lambs

                                            Its lambs all over at the moment and they seem to be enjoying life in the sun.
Its a difficult time for crofters in Shetland, having to checking the lambing every 4 hours and then in some cases having to take a lamb inside to feed. Its difficult to imagine that for all the hard work, injections, tagging and feeding that Shetland lambs only sold for £2 each last year. It costs more than the crofters get back.

Just recently I ran a practical photography course in Lerwick around the fort, the subject Abstract and texture which gave the learners plenty to think about, these are a few of mine

                                  Lots of cruise liners calling in Lerwick this year, good to see the town crowded

Just read about the ferries that they will  not be taking over by the government but will go out to retender asap. Also no sign of the reduce fares that the government promised from July 2018

                          Long sunny days in Shetland with more promised over the coming week

Join me on my new blog to see how Shetland was involved in the Second World War

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Monday, 23 April 2018

Rare in Shetland

When i saw these clouds over Spiggie i thought they looked unusual

I believe these are called Undulatus Asperatus clouds. The name translates approx. as ``roughened or agitated waves''. They are a ``new'' cloud type, relatively rare, the first proposed in 2009 by Gavin Pretor- Pinney who is the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society based in Somerset England. Undulatus Asperatus was added to the International Cloud atlas in March 2017, it is the first cloud formation added since Cirrus Intotus in 1951

Although the Stratsraad Lehmkuhl is normally a regular visitor to Lerwick, this was its first visit to Scalloway as part of the 75th anniversary of the Hitra sub-chaser ( see

It was a superb weekend with lots of people visiting, including around 150 from Norway.

Another super day on Saturday down at Ireland near Bigton. This one looking south to St Ninian's Isle

Another rare sight, the bones of a Pilot whale washed up on the beach at Ireland, normally if whale remains are found early enough they are dragged back into the sea

Don't forget to check out my new blog which has Shetland links

Friday, 30 March 2018

Shetland attractions

Well the last Up Helly Aa took place  at Delting in the north mainland recently and the weather was terrible with very strong winds and freezing temperatures . These events never get cancelled due to the weather and the only break was during the war years.

                                                             The Galley ready for buring number two

The south mainland Up Helly Aa seems to have the best weather of all the fire festivals this year.

Events like these and the very successful BBC1 drama - `Shetland' has certainly drawn people to the islands. This year will see about 92,000 cruise liner passengers set foot on the islands, around twice the amount that came last year. These will be brought on a record number of cruise ships, but next year will be even better with 109 cruise liners due bringing 107,000 passengers.

                                                                                          Quendale Beach

Recently the  RAF radar, built at Saxa Vord was officially opened and one of the first visitor a few days later was a Russian fighter which flew down the north isles and was seen by a number of early risers.

I doubt whether any Eurofighters from Lossiemouth would have been able to intercept the plane as it would be have been far away when they arrived in Shetland.

                                                                                     Old buildings at Quendale

Russian bombers and fighter are becoming more frequently encountered around Shetland so its no wonder that Radar was installed in Unst.

                                                                                         Ireland (in Shetland)

Unst is also a possible launching area for UK satellites but we still have to wait and see whether this will be the chosen location.

                                                                     Ireland looking south to St Ninian's

I have been giving talks to the WI groups recently and its always to see so many people interested in Wildlife or the Night sky. I was also interviewed by the Shetland Life magazine who wanted an article on the various aspects of photography in Shetland, I talked about the Night Sky which is a favourite subject for my photography courses.

The next one fully booked again with a number of folk on the waiting list. My facebook group, Shetland Aurora Hunter continues to grow and it is now just under 2,000 members, not bad for 16 months. If you want to see some very rare Aurora `Steve' photos then go to

                                                                  Superb Aurora see above for more

For anyone in Sheffield, I will be giving a talk on `Amazing Shetland' at St Augustine Church Brocco Bank on Tuesday 26 June at 7.30 (I can send you details just contact me for further information)

Thursday, 15 March 2018

South Mainland Up Helly Aa - Burning

On onto the second stage - the burning. After the galley was secured all the Guziers marched up to the galley to throw their torches in

The smell of paraffin and taste stays with you throughout the event. Its not surprising as the torches are soaked in paraffin for several days


The galley doesn't take long to start to burn. Its a well organised event and never has any problems regarding safety even though people crowd round.

                                                                                      Torches thrown in

Once all the torches have been thrown into the galley it is launched into the sea, the Lerwick one is burnt in the park which is not the same.

                                               The firework display is always well worth watching

                                          The final stages of the burning and it happens so quick

                                                                                       SMUHA is a great event

Well that's another year for Up Helly Aa except for the Delting one, for next years squad they will be starting to get things organised, building a new galley & making the outfits all in secret.