Sunday 21 January 2024

Winter at Sumburgh

Winter light in Shetland is superb, even though in winter we may only get 6 hours of daylight

Its always good to get down to the south end and on this walk along the coast from Jarlshof towards Sumburgh head the low afternoon light was great

A combination of the sun nearing the horizon, the warm low light always shows up the detail in the landscape


Sunday 31 December 2023

Shetland- Storm time

 We seem to have been battered by storms for days, the other day winds up to 89 mph and today about 60mph.


I like winter days and storms when you get out out for a bit of fresh air and to take photos


                                                                     Below at Grutness.

With landscapes i always want to spend time to see how the light changes, this day was no exception although it is exposed and difficult to hold the camera steady

The cloud changed many times providing dramatic light. in all i spent over an hour photographing and it was all worth it 


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Thursday 12 October 2023

Drongs- Shetland

 It is that time of year i like, the clouds are more dramatic in autumn and winter. Up towards Eshaness you come across the Drongs and the light always seems good here

The shafts of sunlight are always good to see. The forecast for the weekend is snow and cold conditions, early me thinks

Last night a storm hit with wind speeds recorded at 67mph, just 6 mph short of a Hurricane

Sunday 1 October 2023

Sumburgh- Shetland

This week has been a complete mix of sunny warm weather but also lots of thick fog with some rain
Always good to see Sumburgh Head never mind the weather conditions


Thursday 28 September 2023

St Ninian's , Shetland

You never know what you are going to find on a Shetland beach, just need to be alert for seaglass

St Ninian's such a beautiful place and only 5 miles from where we live

The skies are also superb, i love a walk in winter when there are only a couple of folk on the beach