Saturday, 23 January 2021

Wintery weather in Shetland

Shetland doesn't seem to have much snow now a days, certainly nothing like the amount Scotland and England has

Again today, perhaps for only the second time we have had a slight covering but the sun has come out so i don't expect it will last long

The sky is always amazing, with the wide open vistas

Dramatic rain storm approaches Helliness near Cunningsburgh

Sandsayre is one of 5 beaches within 5 mins of our home always a good place to see seals on the jetty


Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Winter down at Leebitton , Sandwick, Shetland

Being so close to Sandlodge at Leebitton in Sandwick its good to be able to photograph the same place at different times

We have had a lot of stormy weather and if the wind comes from the east Sandsayre gets battered. I got drenched on this occasion

The virus is again making an impact with cases going up most days in Shetland. The advice of staying close to home is not a bad thing. It contains the virus and it gives you chance to explore familiar local areas in more depth (Exercise period)

While some people will ignore this advice putting others at risk its the most sensible thing to do. Once we have had the jab and reduced contact with others, for now, things will start to get back to normal

Still looking for a pot of gold
Plenty of splish, splash and splosh to keep me busy

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Stenness to St Ninian's Shetland

Had a trip up to Stenness up at Eshaness on a calm but cold day. The rocky beach at Stenness is always good to look for interesting stones, sea glass and pottery.

Even the odd Viking makes the pilgrimage to this lonely but interesting area. Most people will go on stormy days and this is worth the trip but the area holds a lot to see at any time of year

The old tall fishing station is still fairly intact on the beach, minus the roof

A few visits to St Ninian's to see sunsets as well but nothing outstanding yet. On these short days its good to get both sunrises and sunsets on 6 hours apart

The number of Covid cases continues to rise in Shetland and its now spreading throughout the mainland. As well as Brae, Busta., Lerwick now Sandwick has a few cases and also a couple of hundred people are self isolating.

Happy 2021,  Stay safe and i will be travelling around more very soon. 

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

A Shetland Winter

Always to get out for a walk during winter and the weather has been very kind to us in Shetland, just a bit of ice about but only a light covering of snow before Christmas. The weather has been a lot better than down in England

On this trip i was down at St Ninian's when the Budge family started to drive the sheep that had been on St Ninian's isle across the mile ling tombolo. The quads helped the three sheep dogs

Of course there is always one that doesn't want to go across and this one came to check me out

eventually it was caught and lifted onto the back of a quad before being taken up the Bigton farm

The beach is ever changing reclaiming bit but at the same time revealing its beauty


A local walk down to Sandsayre produced a rough sea and a double rainbow, always nice against a stormy sky

The covid cases are on the rise in Shetland with 36 recent cases, around the north and some in Lerwick. Still in level 3 as of today. Luckily we have lots of open spaces to go into

Wishing everyone a better New Year- stay safe

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Shetland Christmas

Well what a year and its not finished yet. The virus has been the biggest problem as we are due to move into level 3 loch down on Boxing Day. There has been a couple of cases in Shetland during the past few days and oddly enough HMS Northumberland which had docked in Lerwick a few times has now reported cases and is due back in Plymouth , could they be related?

I have been unable to do any photography courses for most of the year and its looking doubtful in the early part of next year, may be until most people have had the injection. This was being administered in Shetland with care homes getting the first run. 

Still had lots of time for photography and there has been some great light, even this morning as the sun was rising over Sandwick.

Shetland Aurora Hunter which i started just over 4 years ago on Facebook is nearing 5,000 members and it just shows how much interest there is in the night sky and we have had a good run of Aurora these last few nights, good to see the Moon as well.

Christmas is happening and the virus cannot stop it thank goodness so have a good one. Santa has been round today checking on his route for tonight

We have had a light covering of snow early on but this has more or less gone with all this salt in the air it never lasts long. Cannot remember last time it snowed at Christmas.

Anyway thanks for supporting my blogs, please join Shetland Aurora Hunter on facebook

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