Thursday, 15 March 2018

South Mainland Up Helly Aa - Burning

On onto the second stage - the burning. After the galley was secured all the Guziers marched up to the galley to throw their torches in

The smell of paraffin and taste stays with you throughout the event. Its not surprising as the torches are soaked in paraffin for several days


The galley doesn't take long to start to burn. Its a well organised event and never has any problems regarding safety even though people crowd round.

                                                                                      Torches thrown in

Once all the torches have been thrown into the galley it is launched into the sea, the Lerwick one is burnt in the park which is not the same.

                                               The firework display is always well worth watching

                                          The final stages of the burning and it happens so quick

                                                                                       SMUHA is a great event

Well that's another year for Up Helly Aa except for the Delting one, for next years squad they will be starting to get things organises, building a new galley & making the outfits all in secret.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

South Mainland Up Helly aa- Procession

On Friday the South Mainland Up Helly Aa took place in Sandwick, just below where we live

We headed down to Sandsayre and managed to get a spot near the sheds. Lots of cars came down the narrow road and found parking on a muddy site next to the farm

The weather couldn't have been better with a still clear night, the best for any Up Helly Aa this year.

A rocket was launched and the torches lit up on the top road. It looked like a big fire and was very impressive as the 564 torch bearers headed down the road.

The venue changes each year for the south mainland one, next year this will be in Gulberwick

The procession draws nearer, a mix of men and women and the only Up Helly Aa which allows this

The first SMUHA event took place in 2010 with 328 Guizers and has continued to grow every year

More and more people started to turn up in front of us and many made their way onto the beach to get a closer look at the galley. Up Helly Aa is a major even in Shetland and its not just one, there are ten and the South Mainland one is the second biggest.

I will post the burning photos very soon so please come back for a look

Friday, 2 March 2018

No Beast in Shetland

Although we did have some snow on Tuesday which caused several accidents, it was nothing like down in the south of England. The weather dominated the news in England and Scotland where as when Shetland gets hit by a Hurricane it gets little coverage.

We seem to completely miss the `Beast from the East' which was good but it was cold, down to -11 with the chill factor. On several days we had still days of sunny weather, most of which fell in midweek worst luck.

                                                      Dinapore House, home to the Shetland bus in WW2

We had been waiting for a new car battery for over a week, some complication with shipping it north because now its considered to be a hazardous item. It was quickly fixed and now we don't have to travel about without the heaters on.

All the photos today are of Scalloway or near. The roads thankfully have improved and with the temperature set to rise a bit we should be ok getting about

                                                          Scalloway castle always looks impressive

                                                          More salt and grit unloaded as snow showers hit

                                                                                 Looking up East Voe at Scalloway

                   With signs getting blown over, the council now have started to put lower ones in place.

                                                                 Fishing never stops for the weather

                                                                                        Looking towards Burra bridge