Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Cheer ?

As Christmas draws ever near, we have been surprised to find that the Estate Agents had booked three viewing this week. The first one came and we never got any feedback, the second one never turned up and the third one decided that she couldn't get back by bus to the area she was currently living.

Normally people usually look at the area , buses and shops before they come to view a house, it saves everybody the hassle.Or- we would, we always check out as much as possible before considering anything, especially moving house its such a big commitment.

We didn't expect to be spending Christmas in Sheffield this year, but things never work out the way you want them to. We will start the process off again next year, just hoping that we will get an early buyer so that we can move in Spring, that would be great. It's just down to patience at present
                                                                                       Our new house in Shetland?

How are you spending Christmas this year ? Its good to be around family but many people don't have anyone, some don't even have a home to spend it in. In Sheffield over 2,000 people now live on the streets in the freezing cold and wet. I have also come across another person who actually sleeps in a cave in Derbyshire because he lost his job, car, wife walked out and then his house was repossessed, this was all in a 6 month period, we are just so luck, never take anything for granted. !!!!

I don't know the situation in Shetland, its a smaller but more caring community so lets hope no one has to spend Christmas on the street. Many Church's open there doors on this special day and make so much difference

Any way, hope you all have a great Christmas and a good new year and i will be back on air soon. Thanks for viewing over these past month

                                                                                                 Sheffield City centre

Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas present please

What would you like for Christmas, this is what we have been asked a few days ago. We have no need to think about it, we both said to sell our house and move to Shetland !!! whether it is wrapped or not.

No luck again from those viewers last week, and in fact one due on Monday never turned up. So whats the solution 1. we could reduce the price again but we will wait another few weeks before considering that 2. we could rent - but we really need the money to move up to Shetland 3. we could stay put but our heart and minds are set on the move 4. We could pray for someone looking for this type of property in this area with a small garden across the road from a pub  to put an offer in- Yep this is what we are going to do.
Have you any ideas?

Its not been too good weather wise both in Shetland and in Sheffield although we never got affected by last weeks gales. Plenty of snow in Shetland , while in Sheffield it was fine and clear all day, much needed for lifting our spirits, so hope to go out photographing in Derbyshire tonight

Working hard at the new WEA (adult education courses) I am delivering, great group of people all with mixed photography skills. Hope to start a new course this week, also will be out photographing a school, two nurseries, a couple of dogs, a 6 week old baby so will be spending a good deal of time in front of the computer. Also just been asked to do a talk on Shetland flowers to another gardening group and a talk on Skuas to a local wildlife group.

Also just finished printing all the photos from the schools and nurseries i have photographed over the past couple of weeks. I even managed to squeeze in a night time photography course, it was very festive in the town centre.