Thursday, 31 December 2015


Well we hope you all had a good festive period, we knew it was officially Christmas when Father Christmas flew past Sandwick in his helicopter, great to see again.

This time of year is always going to be about the weather. The festive period has not been so good for the folk in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Southern Scotland who have been flooded out, some three times. More rain is expected into the new year so for them a Christmas to forget

It was a worrying time on Foula, water again but this time the water supply had been cut to a number of families on the south end of the island and no one could get across to fix it due to the bad weather, however this was sorted out on Boxing day. Elsewhere on Tuesday, winds reached Force 11 with power cables down causing power cuts to over 550 homes mainly in Unst, Walls and also in Sandwick.

For those living in Shetland 20 years ago I suspect they will remember a heavy snow fall on Christmas day, 30 foot snow drifts, all the roads blocked for days, no electricity - so no heating for the majority of people  as we have no gas supply. The old folk suffered more than others with a number of people admitted to hospital. The coastguard helicopter this time was out all the time helping out, while a number of small boats ferried food north and south.

Storm Frank started to hit Shetland on Monday - Wednesday, this storm from the south east ripped into the isles causing big waves in Lerwick, some roads closed as a result. On Tuesday the weather on the west as calm and sunny while the storm raged on the east.  We listened mid week to extensive flooding in Scotland and England, at least we didn't have that to contend with. Its terrible when this happens, even in places where more flood defences have been constructed

A brief gap in the weather allowed me to spend sometime over at St Ninian's Isle, with the sun dipping the Coast Guard helicopter flew over. A few people took this time to work off the Christmas lunch, but mostly it was quiet.

So far no snow in Shetland as it has been very mild but usually February is the worst month. I will be starting a new job at the beginning of January so I hope there is no disruption on the roads.

Anyway stay safe and have a good new year if you can, I will be back with more early next year and thanks again for looking at my blog. Why not have a look at my other blogs:

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Massive praise

It could only happen in Shetland - On Out Skerries the school only has one pupil and he is lonely, word on facebook got round and now he has received 5,000 Christmas cards and presents. On the children theme, NHS Shetland has received donations of over £5,000 towards toys for Christmas. Shetland folk are so generous with time and money - so its a massive praise to all.

Shetland recorded its highest winter temperature ever on Saturday with nearly 13 degrees recorded. At least its keeping the snow away , so we now have Gales, hail. heavy rain and cloud until Christmas. At least we missed the thunder and Lightening which covered a large area from 50 miles west of Shetland - Norway

We have had a number of Christmas meals all of which have been excellent, normally at this time of year the standards drop and its often better to have one after Christmas. On Christmas eve, we have another meal booked down at Sumburgh Hotel, always a good venue.

                                                                                                        Sumburgh Hotel

The postie has been very busy delivering cards and presents, they have a job finding where places are, either they need to know the person who lives in the house or the cottage name, both difficult and Sat Nav does not cut it here. Sat Nav is best to find where the road is in thick fog or where the snow has covered the road making it difficult knowing where the road ends and the ditches begin.

Tesco has been very busy and it was difficult finding a parking space the other day, some people managed to get their shopping done with Tesco Direct and have it delivered to their home for a £1 which is great for those living on Out Skerries, Unst, Fetlar and so on. Sometime it doesn't work well, the local news reported that someone in the Isle of Wight ordered three items as Christmas presents, one turned up and the other two ended up here in Shetland over 700 miles away.

                                                                           Fair Isle

We are so glad we no longer live in a big city, in Sheffield we had Meadowhall, bad enough any day but at Christmas it can hold 110, 000 people and car parking can be a problem. Down at Bluewater near Dartford people had to wait 6 hours to get out of the carpark, that last minute Christmas shopping for you. In Shetland we don't have such `distractions' and have to plan well up front. We delivered some of our presents when we went to Sheffield in September, now that has saved Santa a trip.

We have been getting in the Christmas mood for a week or so now, having recently been to a Nativity play, carol concert, Christmas services at Church, Christmas meals and even saw Santa arriving in a Lifeboat at Living Lerwick festival. Last year Santa even flew over our house in the coastguard helicopter waving at everyone- where else could this happen.

It was good to hear that Shetland has again come out as one of the best place to live in Scotland- well we knew that all ready, that why we are here.

                                                                                                                    It's me

Lerwick is quiet now most of the Gas and oil workers have left the island, they will not be back until February, only the accommodation barges are a reminder of there presence.

I will leave you with some Shetland Christmas lights, have a great Christmas and New year.

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Going Home

As the gas plant at Sullom Voe comes to and end of the construction phase, the workforce will start to reduce. You can already see the effect as this week the Gemini - accommodation ship, which was based in Scalloway for over a year, departed south for a refit in Turkey

It was good to see the Gemini lit up during the winter months but now people might look towards the sky, and the northern lights. This week the RVS took a large number of Old folk north to Brae and the Moorfield hotel, this was all down to an invitation by Total who provided the whole event. A great gesture to the Shetland community.

Lerwick Harbour has been quiet this week with only a few fishing boats tied up, but on Thursday the Norwegian training vessel- `Stratsraad Lehmkuhl' arrived bring in 90 Cadets from the Norwegian Naval Academy.

We have been impressed with Westside Electrical which responded to our request for a quote for installing storage heaters, coming over a couple of days later.

The weather is now firmly in winter mode with lots of gales, hail, heavy rain and a bit of snow, temperatures however have increased a bit, but even so added heat will be very welcome. This is no where near as bad as Scotland and NW England where floods have been bad, the worst situation in years

Talking to a friend this week, we found out that our heating problems were small compared to his. His house is out on the west coast, an old property, which has rain coming through in a number of places, the only heat is by a solid fuel burner. To make matters worse, he has had eye problems and not been back for over a year ! dread the think what the condition is like now.

Many Shetlanders have been asked to take part in a survey to find out about fuel poverty. Here we are restricted to either solid fuel, electric , oil or Air to Air all far dearer than gas. The rate we pay for electric is also higher than the rest of the country. This also goes for Petrol, Ferry prices and the general cost of living.

As Christmas is soon to be on us , you realise what choice you have regarding presents. Its no wonder that Amazon makes such profits, but at least we get free delivery. John Lewis is another one that can be recommended but many others charge extra to the normal cost of postage.

The local shop can provide you with unusual presents such as Shetland fudge, Shetland jumpers and Knitwear, lots of great art and photographs and a good number of new books just released. I have two on my Christmas list - Shetland Otters and a photo guide to the Geology of Shetland.

Will it be good or bad, Scotland is due to set its own rate of tax on the 6 April 2016, but we will know what this is in the draft budget on 16 December 2015. Hope its a reduction, could do with an extra bit in my pocket.