Thursday, 31 December 2015


Well we hope you all had a good festive period, we knew it was officially Christmas when Father Christmas flew past Sandwick in his helicopter, great to see again.

This time of year is always going to be about the weather. The festive period has not been so good for the folk in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Southern Scotland who have been flooded out, some three times. More rain is expected into the new year so for them a Christmas to forget

It was a worrying time on Foula, water again but this time the water supply had been cut to a number of families on the south end of the island and no one could get across to fix it due to the bad weather, however this was sorted out on Boxing day. Elsewhere on Tuesday, winds reached Force 11 with power cables down causing power cuts to over 550 homes mainly in Unst, Walls and also in Sandwick.

For those living in Shetland 20 years ago I suspect they will remember a heavy snow fall on Christmas day, 30 foot snow drifts, all the roads blocked for days, no electricity - so no heating for the majority of people  as we have no gas supply. The old folk suffered more than others with a number of people admitted to hospital. The coastguard helicopter this time was out all the time helping out, while a number of small boats ferried food north and south.

Storm Frank started to hit Shetland on Monday - Wednesday, this storm from the south east ripped into the isles causing big waves in Lerwick, some roads closed as a result. On Tuesday the weather on the west as calm and sunny while the storm raged on the east.  We listened mid week to extensive flooding in Scotland and England, at least we didn't have that to contend with. Its terrible when this happens, even in places where more flood defences have been constructed

A brief gap in the weather allowed me to spend sometime over at St Ninian's Isle, with the sun dipping the Coast Guard helicopter flew over. A few people took this time to work off the Christmas lunch, but mostly it was quiet.

So far no snow in Shetland as it has been very mild but usually February is the worst month. I will be starting a new job at the beginning of January so I hope there is no disruption on the roads.

Anyway stay safe and have a good new year if you can, I will be back with more early next year and thanks again for looking at my blog. Why not have a look at my other blogs:

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