Friday, 30 May 2014


We have been searching for a house for the past six weeks, mostly viewing in the south mainland but a few on the west side as well. With most houses having around 30-40 people interested in viewing and prices around £20,000 more than the asking price its very difficult to find some where.
                                                                                                West coast

However we had a break, our Shetland friends Beryl band Maurice found a house on Shetlink which wasn't advertised in any estate agents. We phoned straight away but the owner said they were going to Aberdeen that day and wouldn't be back for a week. During this time we saw another house out to the west that we considered put a bid in, but the closing date was the on Wednesday at noon.

But on the Tuesday, the day before the to bid was due on the other house we were able to view the house in our preferred location in the south mainland. It turned out to be just what we wanted and made an offer, which after a bit of negotiation was accepted.

On the Wednesday we then moved quickly to cancel the bid that the solicitor was due to put in for the house in the west and made an official written bid on the south mainland house. The owner accepting and taking the house off the market
                                                                                                Cunningsburgh beach

As it didn't have a home report we will have to wait around 6-7 weeks for that to take place, the bid being subject to an acceptable report. All the other information has been provided include photo ID which is necessary in Scotland.

So if you are looking for a house in Shetland expand your search to include Shetlink as well as the estate agents and also put adverts in shops as many houses are not advertised at all and are done by word of mouth.
                                                                                        Looking north to Bressay

With mortgage rates due to increase and a deposit of 10% needed it becomes difficult for anyone to buy a house up here, especially when they would also have to fund any extra to the valuation price. Rents are unbelievable as well as we have mentioned in previous blogs.

More to come soon, but we can now start to relax a bit and enjoy the great weather and superb wildlife
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Friday, 9 May 2014


If you are moving to Shetland then make sure the you have a place already sorted out. We fell lucky, knowing someone helps as rented property is often not advertised at all. As for cost well sit down- a one bedroom flat can cost £1000 per month and anything bigger £2500- £8000, with one in Lerwick at £14000 per month for a 7 bedroom house. This week in the Shetland Times has highlighted that some people are being evicted from rented houses and then re-let to the Gas workers at more than double the rent.

                                                                                         Our current house and views

All the prices are down to the fact that Sullom Voe is being expanded and many construction workers are being brought in to do the work. As there is not enough accommodation in Shetland many are staying in barges brought in especially and these can take around 265 per barge. Three are located in Lerwick and one Ship with a further one in Scalloway.

Now it comes to buying a house, very few are on the market at present, unless you want to live on Unst, Yell or Whalsay. Other houses around Sullom have been bought by the Gas workers and anything further north is snapped up quickly

A house that went up for sale last Friday had 36 viewers by Sunday, including us. Every room needed doing and could not be lived in straight away.We considered buying a 1 bedroom house and then extending but the costs are unbelievable with around £80,000 quoted to put another two bedrooms on.
                                                                                        One to do up, on Burra

Add to this the time it takes to get planning permission - which could be 18 months and the fact that all the builders very busy- some booked up for a year then it causes problems. So we  just sit tight and hope a property comes up for sale soon and that we are not out bid - Its sealed bids in Scotland.
Shetland does not have many thatched properties, this one was featured on the TV a few years ago

Friday, 2 May 2014

Shetland what's it all about

It still seems that a lot of people are unsure where Shetland is located. Its not off the west coast of Scotland as some people think, it is actually the furthest north you can go .

From northern Scotland you go north past Orkney, past Fair Isle and onto mainland Shetland. Its 12 hours by ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick (the capital) or you can fly up from either Aberdeen (1.5 hours) or Edinburgh & Glasgow.

There are approx 100 islands of which 13 are inhabited. The `Best in Travel 2011' rates Shetland as one of the best place to visit in the world. One of the last untamed wilderness of Britain. For several years it also got voted the best place to live in Britain.

National Geographic placed Shetland third best place island destination in the world. In the Bank of Scotland quality of life reviews it has placed Shetland top three times since 2006 and was second place last year behind Aberdeen shire.

According to the Lonely Planet travel guide,  Shetland has one of the best sunrises in the world. We have yet to see one as in June, when we usually visit,  there is one about 1.5 hours simmer dim, where it doesn't quiet get dark
Reasons to be cheerfulShetland Map

1 Global Geo-park
19 hours of midsummer daylight
138 sandy beaches
567 square miles of islands
639 miles of good roads (No pot holes)
1697 amazing miles of coastline
6,000 years of history
6,080 archaeological sites
22,000 people
54,000 gannets
200,000 puffins
281,000 sheep

The 60 degree North latitude line passes through the southern part of the island near Levenswick. Shetland is 225 miles to Norway yet about the same to Aberdeen. Its nearer the Arctic circle than Sheffield

Shetland isn't particularly cold being so close to the sea and the gulf stream and has the same rainfall as western Scotland, but can be windy especially in winter.

It gores without saying that the wildlife found is Shetland is both varied and unusual in that birds that are common in England are rare in Shetland. You can see otters in Shetland throughout the day and they have the highest density in Europe. Whales , Dolphins and Porpoise can be seen in increasing numbers. 

The quality of light makes photography even better, the sunrises, sunsets, the Aurora and night sky makes viewing compulsive. 

Lets not forget that Frankies Fish and chip shop scooped four National awards last years.

This is only a minute fraction of what can be found and we are looking at discovering far more over a longer period of time.