Saturday, 18 May 2013


Well there are now 11 houses up for sale in our area, but only 4 like ours. Three have been sold just this last week so it seems the market is picking up, unlike the weather which still feels like winter on some days. Spring is not in the air ,Swifts that are normally back in numbers by now are in short supply and so far only a few signs of Bluebells popping up.

Feedback from people on the house has been mixed, some liking the house and not the area, some liking the area but the house is too small. Also two couple yet to give any feedback although these have seen about 20 houses and have failed to give any feedback on any. Seems they just like looking round houses.

We have jumped in and renewed our Sheffield Wednesday Season tickets, so at the back of our mind we don't think the move will be soon.

So we are ready for our holiday in Shetland soon, the car has been serviced needing only a few minor tweaks. Camera gear is ready and we are looking forward to the many photo opportunities in Shetland.

Over these last couple of weeks I have giving more talks on Shetland and they have all generated lots of questions. A few people had also seen the BBC Shetland Drama a few months ago and a few said they would like to visit Shetland at some stage in the next few years, all go to boost the tourist trade. I wonder whether the recession will hit hard this year. With the ferry costs going up it may put people off.

Monday, 6 May 2013

This week we have had three couples round to view the house, all first time buyers. It must be hard saving for the deposit but at least the interest rate is lower now than when we first took a mortgage out back in the early 1980's when we paid 15%.

Now the football season has ended and Sheffield Wednesday have secured another season in the Championship we have to decided whether or not to renew for the new season which starts in August. I have had one since the 1967 season so it will be a wrench not seeing the Owls in action. Our neighbor's have blown it again having lost in the Play offs to Yeovil, so that's one less local derby. So its whether we will still be here when the season kicks off, looking at it realistically I think we will chance getting one.

Shetland is blessed with many great musicians, the very young to the very old. The fiddle playing where ever it is is worth going to and we make as many attempts to hear it as possible when we visit, whether its the Shetland Fiddlers or the young groups. We are looking forward to going to the Shetland folk festival when we move up to Shetland, which is on at the moment, with visiting players from all aver the place.

Its not for the first time that I have been asked whether I work for the Shetland tourist board. I have been giving illustrated talks on Shetland for many years to the RSPB, wildlife Groups , Probus, Women's WI and others and its possible that my enthusiasm for Shetland is transmitted via the talks. Anyone listening from the tourist board please note, i am open to job offers !!
                                                                                                       Tourist Board on left