Friday, 6 January 2017

Second Christmas day in Shetland

We survived Storm Barbara and Conor together with a few severe Gales, but several houses close by sustained damage mostly slates off but next doors also had there shed roof ripped off and some landed in the middle of the road

Looking at the houses across the field a couple have lost several slates and these have ended up in our garden and next doors. Several years ago the Hurricanes got so bad that some slates flew through windows and embedded themselves in the living room walls. Thank goodness no one was injured, that shows the power of the wind

Some people also lost power for four / five hours on Christmas day including our friends who ended up cooking Christmas dinner for 18 more or less in the microwave (They had a generator that managed the TV and lights)

Our cancelled Christmas eve meal at Sumburgh took place on New Years eve and we ended up with far better fireworks than London or Edinburgh as an Aurora display took place, many people watched this on Shetland webcam 3

We only managed to get out once in perfect weather then it was back to gales again, you have to make the most of any decent weather. We decided to walk along the coast just south of Sumburgh hotel, one we have not done for a long time (Hence photos)

The Julian Calender which is used by the people of Foula enabled us to celebrate a second Christmas day today, our cat Furbie was well impressed as he had more Chicken. In Unst a while ago, Baltasound and Uyeasound both had different Christmas's and they are only 5 miles apart

Next week we start Up Helly Aa, the first will take place in Scalloway on 13 January with the big one in Lerwick Tuesday 31 January (worth watching on , There will not be any postponement due to the weather

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