Saturday, 14 September 2013

Feeling Flat

Two more viewers this week, one a builder who seemed quite disappointed that our house was in such good condition. The other came over from Hull as she is wanting to move closer to her daughter, we will wait and see
A further two houses nearby have sold which reduces the competition and with no new ones coming on it may give us a better chance.

Its always difficult deciding how far in advance you can make plans in and around Sheffield. You cannot just stop as you can ever tell when the move will happen, but on the other hand we don't like letting people down, a tricky one. I have taken bookings for later this year based on a normal three month period to when a house is sold, which keeps moving along , so now it would be December sometime if it sold this week.

Supporting Sheffield Wednesday is never easy, and we have had many lows since i started supporting them back in 1967. A week ago last Saturday we played Yeovil a team that has just been promoted, they went down to 10 men and this couldn't even inspire us to a victory. It is going to be a long hard season , unless our manager gets to funds to bring in at least 4 players quick.Now we have also lost to Birmingham and just managed a draw last night at Brighton

 This Owl would be in my team any week - A Barn Owl

I will never stop supporting them but it leaves you very deflated after a match. What we need is to see a Shetland Landscape or sunset, or go out photographing the fantastic wildlife which never leaves you feeling flat.Come on you Shetland !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We as we are not yet in Shetland I have had to make do with visiting some ponds to visit Dragonflies, one of my favourite and most challenging insects, Still quiet active in the warm sun, with about 10 around on pond in Chesterfield

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Well this week we have already had three couples round to view the house, with one spending 35 mins looking round we thought they might be interested but all three came back with a no. Its proving frustrating as we want to move to Shetland asap and there is a couple of houses in the southern mainland we would have gone for

Others are trying to sell their houses in the area, with two having reduced the price, one by £10,000. No movement on any houses in the area as the school holidays have ended now and people are getting back to a normal routine.

With the weather being so good decided to get out into Derbyshire and get some photos near to Fox House, which has some interesting rock formations. With the kids back at school it wasn't as busy as last week when I was running a landscape photography course for someone who had come all the way up from Cardiff.  It was good to get some blue sky but also some more stormy clouds as rained threatened later on.
                                                                                             Sunrise in the Peaks

The nights are drawing in now and there has been some good sunsets in Sheffield, but nothing to rival the ones in Shetland, and if you add the superb scenery where else is better.

I am doing an Illustrated talk on `Shetland' next month down at St Augustine's Church, Brocco Bank, Sheffield 11, tickets are £3 which includes cheese and wine, available from Christine Markham on 0114 2360200 or 07429 269304. All the talks I do for the RSPB, Wildlife Trust, Natural History Groups, Probus and Women Institute, etc are always well received and very well attended, such is the interest in the isles. A bit far to come from Shetland but will interest others closer to Sheffield.