Friday, 30 May 2014


We have been searching for a house for the past six weeks, mostly viewing in the south mainland but a few on the west side as well. With most houses having around 30-40 people interested in viewing and prices around £20,000 more than the asking price its very difficult to find some where.
                                                                                                West coast

However we had a break, our Shetland friends Beryl band Maurice found a house on Shetlink which wasn't advertised in any estate agents. We phoned straight away but the owner said they were going to Aberdeen that day and wouldn't be back for a week. During this time we saw another house out to the west that we considered put a bid in, but the closing date was the on Wednesday at noon.

But on the Tuesday, the day before the to bid was due on the other house we were able to view the house in our preferred location in the south mainland. It turned out to be just what we wanted and made an offer, which after a bit of negotiation was accepted.

On the Wednesday we then moved quickly to cancel the bid that the solicitor was due to put in for the house in the west and made an official written bid on the south mainland house. The owner accepting and taking the house off the market
                                                                                                Cunningsburgh beach

As it didn't have a home report we will have to wait around 6-7 weeks for that to take place, the bid being subject to an acceptable report. All the other information has been provided include photo ID which is necessary in Scotland.

So if you are looking for a house in Shetland expand your search to include Shetlink as well as the estate agents and also put adverts in shops as many houses are not advertised at all and are done by word of mouth.
                                                                                        Looking north to Bressay

With mortgage rates due to increase and a deposit of 10% needed it becomes difficult for anyone to buy a house up here, especially when they would also have to fund any extra to the valuation price. Rents are unbelievable as well as we have mentioned in previous blogs.

More to come soon, but we can now start to relax a bit and enjoy the great weather and superb wildlife
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