Sunday, 10 February 2013

Well we finally had our for sale sign erected after reminding the estate agents twice.Also had two viewings but its seems the first couple were just out for a day, viewing many properties. They were never very serious about things and we could tell as soon as they walked through the door. When we sold our last house several people told us that they just go out seeing other people's houses as a hobby. What time wasters !!!
                                                                                   Do you want to buy this house ?
We also visited the solicitors, they now hold the deeds to our current house. Before hand we completed several very details forms but despite this we still came away with a list of other things they require. In addition to this we have now both got new mobile phones with Vodafone  Apparently this is the best service in Shetland, however its not so good down in Sheffield as we could even phone each other in our house, things are better outside.

I am still undecided on which internet provider to go for once we have bought a house in Shetland. Shetlink forum gives many cases where the internet is a major problem no matter which provider you have as everything is channeled through BT. Many have very slow connections or none at all. Our friends in Shetland Beryl and Maurice have the Post office phone and broadband and they say they have had no problems, so perhaps we will try that

As for houses in Shetland. We hope to get one in the Southern Mainland, but perhaps need to be as flexible as possible as there are not many houses to choose from. We do have one advantage in that we will not require a mortgage to buy. It also seems that many more people, perhaps locals,  are now buying a plot of land and then building a home. This seems to be happening alot in the Sandwick area, however this leaves other houses for us to look at. I have no concerns in buying a wooden house, they are far better insulated than stone and have been built for along time across Northern Scotland, especially Shetland and Scandinavia.
Old croft -southern mainland
                                                                                  A White house, much better to be in Shetland

Like in times passed, old crofts are dismantlement and the stone used for new buildings, this has been taking place for many centuries. This is where you can find many settlements built on top of each other, a great example is in the southern mainland at Jalshof. Shetland is a superb place if you like archaeology , it is one of the richest areas in Europe. Many superb sites can be visited easily and without the pressures of being built on, unlike York.
                                                                         Mousa Broch, just one of the great archaeology sites
                                                                                     to be found in Shetland

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