Wednesday, 20 November 2013

No Change

Not much change over the past week or so, just one couple came over to view the house and they have yet to give feedback, but we know that if they were due to make an offer it would have been within a couple of days.

The estate agents have told us to expect less viewings as at this time of year people are looking more to Christmas. Its odd that when we first put the house up for sale we were sure that we would have settled in Shetland before Christmas, you can take nothing for granted. While our friends and family are happy that we are staying a while longer our thoughts are always on Shetland and what is happening.

With snow hitting Shetland this week, together with strong winds we are glad we are not making the move at this time, even the ferry is not stopping off in Orkney with storm force winds imminent. In Sheffield we have only had rain and plenty of it, but these last few days are very cold. We are surprised that most of the trees are only just changing colour, it seems to get later each year. I am sure that they turned in late September about 20 years ago, or is my mind going?

I have been doing Photography courses for the adult education and are working on developing others for later on, both current courses are full and the students are very eager. The other night I finally made it out to give a 1:1 Night Sky course to someone who came all the way up from Leicester to Sheffield. The forecasts are never very good down here but it does seem more reliable in Shetland, especially needed when living on an island.

We have just started to write the Christmas cards, starting with the ones which will be sent to Australia and America. This is early for us so we must be well prepared and have got plenty of cards in hand.
This is the only snow I have seen so far- A Snow bunting on Fetlar

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