Sunday, 2 November 2014

Night Night

The nights are now drawing in and this has made photographing floodlit buildings in Lerwick easier. We headed down to the Mareel first and found it well lit, this and the sheltered harbour made a good place to start.

The museum is next door and while it doesn't look as impressive as the Mareel at night the reflections are still good.

The harbour wall is a good place to look further down the harbour, this time a large Oil vessel was in.

The whole place takes on a different feel at night and is worth going into town to see. To the south end of Lerwick it was good to find Clickimin Brock lit up. Its best to photograph night scenes just before it goes to a completely black sky, the blue in the sky lifts the photo.

This week we have had a few more things done on the house. Mid week we had the loft insulation topped up to 300 mm just above the recommended 270 mm for Shetland, it should make a difference in the living room once we have a new window in place which seems unlikely in the near future.

Having waited for nearly 5 weeks, new kitchen door unit hinges they turned up from the mainland on Friday and now the kitchen is complete. The severe gales the other day ripped up three new rose bushes so these are now back in place and tied down. We also received a letter from our solicitors informing us that our property has now been registered and that deeds will be held that their offices.

On Skype yesterday we found out from our friends in Sheffield that our previous house was on the market only 6 months after we sold it, they have no chain so possibly they had problems paying the mortgage and are moving back to their parents. We are just glad we managed to sell it, which did take us 18 months so good luck to them.

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