Saturday, 10 January 2015


Since Christmas we have only been out a few times, mainly due to the bad weather. But we were looking forward to the Shetland Up Helly Aa fire festivals, the first of which was in Scalloway last night. The weather was excellent considering that a major storm was about to hit Shetland with winds around 100 mph predicted. It turned out that it got up to 101 mph on the mainland

We arrived early in Scalloway ready for the 7 pm start. Parking up near the boat club we would be in a good position to see the Galley set alight.

The time came for the start and a large bag signalling the light up. around 85 torch bearers start to proceed towards us singing away and after around 10 mins arrived to greet a large crowd.

The Galley was set alight and sent into the sea to burn away, it was great to see the event without getting wet or too cold.

Just as we got back in the car it started to rain and later that night the gales hit, the worst wind since we moved to Shetland. It didn't stop us sleeping and only our cat woke us the next morning. During the night Shetland suffered with a number of short power cuts from 5 am
The wind was still blowing but only around force 7. Later in the afternoon it started to snow with the wind picking up again.

We had some good news earlier in the week when our joiner phoned to say he had received the window frame and glass, all we need now is some decent weather to get it in without getting our furniture wet. Mind you with the windows caked in salt we wouldn't have seen much.

I was constantly using the washer on the car when I went out to take some rough sea photos later in the morning. Even after afternoon rain the windows in the house are still covered in salt, not a time to be going out to clean them either.
                                                                  Diane enjoying the Up Helly Aa in Scalloway

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