Monday, 23 February 2015

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Just reading the Sheffield Star on Saturday and it was interesting that 2 People are murdered every month in South Yorkshire. We certainly don't miss this and feel very safe in Shetland. Minor incidents happen but these are normally in Lerwick and we have not seen any ourselves since moving here last April.
                                                                                                    Mareel Lerwick

I start delivering Photography courses for Shetland Adult Education next Monday and I am looking forward to meeting everyone, even got one person coming down from Unst for each session. I delivered a number of these courses for Sheffield adult Education and have spent sometime upgrading the content to include more Shetland photos.
                                                                                                    St Ninian's Isle

There are many more photo opportunities in Shetland, i love to watch the sky and light changing. Travelling up to Lerwick for work gives me plenty of opportunity to look out to sea. With virtually no traffic to contend with its more relaxing and only takes about 15 mins to travel the 12 miles. We will not be involved with the Viking wind farm as we are within the 12 mile limit for airport traffic. But its disappointing to find that approval has been given for the 475 feet, 103 turbines which will be plastered throughout the central mainland.

                                                                                                St Ninian's Isle west side

The Shetland Times ran a poll last week in which 67% of those participating voted NO to the wind farm. So the opposition will not stop here. (see more at
                                                                               Looking north towards Fitfull Head

We have recently received our Northlink ID so we can apply for family and friends discount, its worth it as people can save 30% on fares although the time limits have been reduced. This caused a problem as my Sister in law had booked a holiday from work to come mid June but the discounts only run until the 14 June.

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