Sunday, 28 June 2015

sad news

I have often said that you usually encounter very little traffic in Shetland. However on Sunday a person we know was killed in a traffic accident in the next village, The car was hit by a jeep type towing a caravan. It would seem for people in the know that the car came out and turned just in front of the jeep, and that was the end. R.I.P Michael

The road was closed for the rest of Sunday and for most of Monday. I travelled north Monday and encountered around a 30min delay with about 50 cars in a long line back up the hill towards Sandwick. Cars were then diverted in convoy by Police down the back roads, this was Ok but people coming out of the local houses didn't know about the road closure and started blocking the long lines coming the opposite way.

Well it's now passed the longest day and we haven't seen any summer as yet. It seems that we get one good then one bad day, lets hope July sees an improvement. It still doesn't stop us getting out and about. but we really need to get the grass cut and do some other gardening.

Another job was to paint the outside of the house, we have bought the paint - Butinox  which is £120 for 10 litres. This oil based paint is the best and from Norway where they have been using this for many years, so tried and tested.

As we catch the gales from the west this is where most of the wear occurs. If you look a couple of doors up from our house, the whole house is in need of urgent painting job as it is down to the bare wood. Ours is not this bad but you need to keep painting every 5 years to keep the weather out.

Lambs are still been born, we noticed this more out on the north west side. Others are only a few weeks old and still look cute.

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