Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Past makes the present enjoyable

While we have no regrets at all moving to Shetland I was just building a sound photography business in Sheffield. I started just at the wrong time with the recession at its peak but having been made redundant and finding another job hard to come by, this was the best move and a dream job. I diversified as much as possible moving into school and nursery photography, up the number of illustrated talks to over 40 which were much in demand from various RSPB , wildlife, Probus, WI, church and various other groups.

                                                                                                        Busta House

During my last full year I was delivering over 45 talks a year, since 2006 my 1:1 and small course practical photography Training courses had become well known around the country with people travelling from Scotland, Devon, Norfolk, Liverpool and many other places.

                                                                                                      Muckle Roe

The pleasing thing was that I was having a lot of repeat business, always a good sign that what I was doing was well received. Having a training background, it was good to continue to build on this and as well as practical photography training, i was asked to deliver courses for the Forestry Commission and Sheffield adult Education, this has continued with courses for Shetland Adult Education.

It's good to find out that four of the people that came on last years courses have enrolled on more courses this year, I really enjoy passing on my photography knowledge and being kept on my toes with a variety of questions.

Although I no longer run the main part of the photography business I still do talks and the training, but it does give me an incentive to get out as much as possible- if ever that was needed in Shetland.

Photography opportunities are endless in Shetland and it's worth getting out in all weathers. I really look forward to the dark nights when there is a possibility of seeing and photographing a aurora or the milky way- that is when the wind is light and no cloud in the sky (

I have recently given talks on Winter Birds, Seabirds and wading birds and have received a lot of good comments, i really like the fact that most people enjoy looking at wildlife in Shetland and seem to have a good knowledge. For me wildlife has kept my sense of wonder alive - not lost in the past with most of the people i came across in Sheffield.

Living in Shetland and a closeness to nature can only be beneficial, Diane's blood pressure has dropped to a good level since we move to Shetland after years of high blood pressure in Sheffield. The stress of living in a city is far behind us now, its even a pleasure driving in Shetland with very little traffic, good roads with no potholes.

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