Thursday, 14 January 2016

Beach time

At this time of year you can expect the weather to be wintery, and finally the snow hit Shetland (well south mainland) on Thursday. Last weekend snow fell further north but it didn't affect us. People going to work caught the worst of it and four cars went off the road on the junction of Gulberwick - Scalloway at Black Gaet, due to icy conditions
Here as other places has less gritting due to cutbacks and it shows. By the time I ended up going to work the worst of the weather had passed.

Going back to last weekend I went over to Bigton and St Ninian isle, a favourite with so many people. The tombolo was covered by the sea, as it normally is at this time of year but the light was great. low down creating some nice effects with sea washed pebbles.

It is not normally the time of year you tend to go on beaches, but I like this season on the coast. When we lived in Sheffield, some 70 miles from the sea, we would often take a trip down to the north Norfolk coastline where normally in Summer it would be packed but in winter free-ish from humans.

Everyone is now talking about the Lerwick Up Helly Aa which takes place the last Tuesday in the month. Even though its a great spectacle, its more about the local people keeping up traditions. The Guizer Jarl has to wait 15 years before his name comes up to the top of the list.

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