Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lerwick lanes

Any one walking round Lerwick will at some point come across one of the lanes that rises from the harbour front and takes them up to the higher reaches near the Town Hall, Library and Garrison theatre.

Lerwick has a long history and ties with Norway in particular and the street and lanes have been influenced by these links. With over a third of the Shetland population living in Lerwick the town has developed but still retains character and at night takes on a completely different feel to that of the day.

Lerwick name comes from the Norse - Muddy bay and has always been an important fishing area and the islands capital since the 17 century, taking over from Scalloway

Many of these lanes were originally known as Closses most running in a westerly direction from Commercial street. They tend to be steep and narrow

Law, Reform, Pitt, Form and Park are just a few names to look out for, both old and new names can be seen. Chromate Lane being one of the old ones.

The Lerwick Lanes Conservation Area 1975 was set up to protect the area, this covers far more than just the lanes.

You do feel safe while walking the lanes at night, unlike many towns and cities further south

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