Thursday, 31 March 2016

Summer Time ?

So last Sunday we official turned to Summer time, meaning lighter at night, unfortunately looking out of the window it looked liked winter- torrential rain, gale force 8 winds (70mph+)) and hill fog and it was cold.

It did easy off  and was very still by evening, even a sunset- just showing how quickly the weather changes in Shetland.

We visited friends in Mossbank the other day a short trip from Sullom Voe where two flares still seemed to be emitting dark smoke, a burn off from the gas plant. News came out that a 1/4 of the Oil workforce was surplus to requirements and would be made redundant, all down to the oil prices.

Local businesses are gearing up for the tourist season with cruise liners expected in the next few weeks. This gives a boost to the local economy, but some of the tour companies seem intent in persuading passengers to spend all their money aboard ship.

 Already we have met a few people who have come up for Easter, some just for a couple of days others for longer. I spoke to one who was up for the aurora but was disappointed to find out that he missed a great show the week before - see ( However he was more than happy at discovering the delights of Unst, Britain's most northerly isle.

                                                                                              All the above photos - Heylor

TV programs like `Island Parish ' (on Unst) and ` Shetland ' will be a big boost for the Shetland economy and also show that the weather can be very good. March for instance has been exceptional with many dry, still sunny days.

                                                         Half way House - featured on the recent Shetland drama

We are still waiting to have a new heating system installed, hopefully it will be next month.. Also we have contacted two flooring companies for quotes to replace the flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. Tiles are now breaking up so they may have to board the floor and then lay vinyl. They are both very busy so it may be June before this gets done. You do find the best companies have alot of work on the go so its all about having patience. At least the quality of work is very good here, unlike many firms down in Sheffield which seemed more intent in getting your money doing short cuts than providing value for money.

Soon the festivals will begin, already the Shetland Folk festival has been a sell out, just not enough tickets to go round, we missed out this time. We did get tickets for the Young Fiddler of the year in April and soon will have the Shetland Showcase tickets, which was a big success last year with record numbers attending.

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