Sunday, 24 July 2016

reasons to stay

At this time of year Shetland gets a lot of visitors and I always enjoy taking to them about why they come to these remote islands rather then having a hotter cheaper alternative abroad.

A lot of people that make their own way here seem to have been drawn to Shetland because of two TV programmes the BBC1 Shetland Drama and Island Parish, they have done a good job in attracting first time tourists. Others come because of the wildlife or the archaeology wonder but for what ever reason they are instantly under the Shetland spell, it could easily be the Trows working their magic.

It was the same for us, visiting the islands back in 1987 we had only been in Shetland for a few days and we talked about a quick return for another  holiday and as you do, said we would like to live here one day.

Well both have come true for us, yes it is expensive to get to Shetland but it is worth every penny. People have moved here without ever coming to see it first, its just an amazing place to be. One thing you notice first is the wide open vistas, large cloud filled skies, ever changing and a quality of light that I haven't seen anywhere before

Shetland reveals its secrets slowly, there are many hidden jems, so much to explore. We only visited the Burn of Lunket the other week, its a great place, different from other burns in Shetland as it is wide and has a super waterfall. There is a small carpark and a good path which runs up beside the waterfall

The waterfall is only a short drive from Aith.

The same day we headed further north to Lower Voe, its a quiet but interesting place to visit

The Bod only had three people staying in it but for £10 per night for a bed is certainly a good way of seeing Shetland as Bod's are situated throughout the islands.

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