Friday, 16 September 2016

Sunny Autumn

This summer seems to have passed very quickly, the tourist season has nearly come to an end after an impressive number of cruise liners have called into Lerwick. However the last one, the Caribbean Princess was unable to off load its passengers due to a high swell

The same type of weather affected the ferry to Fair Isle. With only a few hardy birders on board it wasn't long before they hit Sumburgh roost and the boat began it hit waves. Whether the 3.25 hour journey was too much for the few we will never know but next month Shetland will be invaded by numerous birdwatchers keen to see the rare birds that turn up in the isles and some will take the ferry in worse conditions than this

                                                        Good Shepherd - fair Isle ferry passing Sumburgh Head

The last few days has been very foggy, dense in places but some people still drive about without any headlights- just asking for trouble. Today the weather broke and a thunder storm hit Shetland driving away the fog to leave a sunny afternoon but not before 200 lightening strikes had hit the island.

I have started to unplug my computer as we know a few people who have been hit by lightening blowing up all the electrical gear. As i have around 90,000 photos it would be a disaster to loose all these, although i do have them backed up.

                                                 Never too late for a dip in the sea

                                                                                                 View across Whiteness

                                                                                           Scalloway boats

                                                                                   Mackerel - a colourful fish

                                                                                            Keep an eye on you

The new intermediate photography course started on Monday and is going well, if you would like to join me on the intermediate course starting 31 October we will be covering the following subjects- Indoor portraits, Wildlife, Landscapes, Urban, Creative  Close Up's.

You can book on line at the Shetland Adult Education website or phone any normal working day - just a few places left so book early.

The Know your own camera and intermediate course Jan - March  2017 are both fully booked.

Full details on my website at


  1. That looks a bit of a rough crossing! Ouch, I'd be green to the gills

  2. Great photos again Richard! just having a look at the ones of the Good Shepherd going by Sumburgh and thats me on the back! didn't feel too bad a crossing but looks worse from the photos, couple of Manxies and Sooties were well worth the waves!