Friday, 10 February 2017

Up Helly Aa and beyond.

January is generally dull, wet and often foggy but in Shetland we have plenty of things to brighten the days.

Apart from the Aurora's which can happen anytime (see- or Shetland Aurora Hunter (face page) which will lift any gloom, its also the start of Up Helly Aa season.

Scalloway is the first venue and this started on Friday 13 January, but it was snowy and icy so we missed out.

Then the last Tuesday in January (31) is the biggest Up Helly Aa  held in Lerwick. which turned out to be very bad weather. Some of those in the squads had to hold onto the person in front as they couldn't see very far with the driving rain and sparks flying towards them.

As we moved into February we had more gales with some properties suffering damage and then today we had the first snow of the winter. the gales also forced the cancellation of a couple of ferries, which meant that Tesco has less and less food on the shelves.

I don't mind snow if you can get about and i was fortunate that most heavy snow arrived just as i got from work

The skies have been superb this winter, lots of colour and drama

Winter is far from boring, besides the fantastic skies, Up Helly Aa, Aurora, star filled skies, superb wildlife and great music nights its a time for planning. I am preparing another intermediate photography course - this time 6 sessions on Night Sky Photography, which i will be delivering later in the year for Shetland Adult Education.

There are a few places left on the Beginners and Intermediate photography courses in Scalloway in Spring - see Shetland adult Education website for further details

Also i have been preparing various talks for the WI, Women Guild, RVS and Shetland Photography club and another one for our visit to Sheffield, again on Shetland.

don't forget to visit (Canvas Prints) and also send me a request to join a Facebook page - Shetland Aurora Hunter

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