Monday, 26 June 2017

Simmer Dim

While the rest of the UK have had very hot weather, up to 32 degrees in places, Shetland has had strong winds, cool temperatures 11- 16 degrees together with some thick fog. Thinking back to when we visited  Shetland on holiday, back in the late 1980's it was even cooler mostly not more than 10 degrees in June, often with hail.

                                                                                        German ship in Lerwick today

Shetland however does benefit from the long days, nearly 23 hours daylight, known here as the `Simmer Dim'. Last weekend the Simmer Dim Motorbike rally took place with around 400 folk attending, its always a sell out weeks before the event.

                                                                                      National Geographic Orion & Marco Polo

The roads seem busier with many tourists visiting, while Lerwick harbour is full of yachts, many from Norway. A lot of these visitors have been attracted to Shetland by the recent BBC TV series Shetland which should be back on our screens later this year, it will feature Shetland, Glasgow and Norway.

Two friends are due to arrive in Shetland soon, one for a day on a cruise and the other making the usual yearly pilgrimage to Walls in the west mainland. It will be good to meet up with them.

For our holiday this year we are heading back to Sheffield to see family and friends, just a 620 mile 22 hour journey via Orkney. The ferries go by this route a few times a week, you arrive in Orkney around midnight so anyone going here for a break will have to know where they are intending to stay.

In the bay at Fladibister, a number of oil related ships have been gathering. Two are oil tanks waiting for the next order so they could end up anywhere in the world but the two larger ones have parts of an oil rig which will be transported north once the gigantic crane arrives on site.

Shetland is awash with colour at the moment, the wild flowers look superb with lots of Orchids mix in with others. We even have two Northern Marsh Orchid growing in our lawn, first time we have seen them here. Like elsewhere in Shetland i have cut round them, they are so special.

My photography class today in Lerwick - more on this next time

next time we take a closer look at the south end of Lerwick

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