Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Shetland plans to have separate bins for recycling, even out in the country so that will affect us. Someone has not taken into account that it gets rather windy and I can see them taking off with rubbish scattered all over the place.

All Photos from Scatness

Only a few days ago we had an early gale which flung a neighbour's trampoline up in the air, the same could easily happen with a bin.

We have just changed Electric suppliers to save some money, moving from Scottish Power to a new company called Bulb. It was straight forward but lots of people on SSE would have problems moving as they are locked in on Total heating Total control - a Scottish thing

For the last week or so we have not had a Laptop having had an accident with our last one. Amazon acted swiftly and a new one was in place quicker than expected, they have certainly been a great help to us and with no postage costs either.

Today we reached 1,000 members on Shetland Aurora Hunter Facebook page  just send me a request to join. We only started this mid December last year.

My photography courses `Know your own Camera and `Night sky Photography are now both full but have some places left on courses after Christmas- search on the Shetland Adult Education website for further details

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