Sunday, 28 April 2013

This week news seems to have managed to get round to the other estate agents that our house has been up for sale for 12 weeks. As a result we have been swamped with letters from the other estate agents claiming that they could sell our house, no problem and we should move to them as soon as possible. We even received two from companies saying that they would buy our house now for £25,000 less than the asking price. One surprise was that even the estate agent that we are using at present sent us a letter saying they could sell the house quicker than the current one - they are the current one don't they even check !!!!!!!!

Here in Sheffield it seems that war has broken out again in one part of the city. Three houses were petrol bombed, one family climbing out to safety through the bedroom window. -possibly mistaken identity, two shootings and one stabbing which all may be drug related. Cannot wait to get away.

Our cat Furbie will have to contend with a lot when we move. He doesn't travel well, is very nervous and jumps at any loud sound, so the ferry trip won't be on his favourites list. He will also be surprised that suddenly , the sparrows have grown into big white things call Gulls. He is white too so he may think he can fly.

                                                                                                      Herring Gull

We have at last chosen an internet provider, this will be Plus Net a Sheffield company. After looking at Shetlink and seeing many replies on the subject this company seems the best option. I know a couple of people who work there and they seem happy enough, customer service is free and based in Sheffield.

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