Friday, 12 April 2013

You have to be kidding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No further movement on our house, but at least the estate agents have given us a free advert in the local paper, which is out today. Will still have one advert left as part of our package but will leave this until the end of the month. We found out last week that some friends who have been trying to sell their house since late 2011 have just been offered £36,000 less than the asking price of £186,000. Now I could understand that on a house at £500,000 but not one of that price, its a buyers market at present but we will only accept a reasonable price as will still have to buy another house in Shetland.

At present there are still no houses we would have gone for in Shetland, having just gone through all the estate agents websites earlier today. So its all down to timing, something that our builders no nothing about as we are still waiting for some written guarantees which we requested weeks ago.
                                                                                    This could be our next house

With our holiday in Shetland booked we just cannot wait to get back and start putting a few things into place. Serco the ferry owners have come under some recent flak, having reduced the periods and discounts to islanders and increased prices generally. This may put people off going to Shetland, and the islands rely heavily on tourism.

One thing that has gone in Shetland's favor was the recent announcement that the BBC are planning further episodes of the drama on Shetland that attracted over 12 million viewers. That's great news but I do hope they show more of the superb landscape and make sure that more people in the drama have Shetland dialects.
                                                                       Clikimin Brock on the outskirts of Lerwick

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