Wednesday, 19 June 2013

At last some one who looked genuinely interested in our house, even said they will phone to come back again. This was even before we put our last free advert in the Sheffield Telegraph. She will have to put her house up for sale, but as she has friends in the area and would like a smaller garden and somewhere on the flat it seems that this might be the one, hope so anyway. That was on Saturday, yesterday she decided it wasn't for her so 10 down.

Listening out the other night when we got back home at 11.30 pm we couldn't help but notice that we could still hear traffic from the bypass which is a couple of miles away. Up in Shetland we both commented that at the same time of night we couldn't hear any sound what so ever, something we have never experienced here. In the morning we were always greeted by Oystercatchers passing over the cottage, or Curlews which is magic.

One sound we also enjoy hearing is fiddle music, a trip to the Lounge in Lerwick is a must with some great musicians playing. On the first Wednesday no less than 14 musicians gave a superb sound, with a good mix of instruments. Even if they didn't bring their own they could take one down off the wall to play. Slightly less musicians the following Wednesday but still great and you couldn't have got anyone else into the room, it was packed.

Else where we went to the Aith Lifeboat gala when several different musicians played including some drummers at the pier head. Also down at Sandwick Junior High school gala day when local school children played a variety of music throughout the afternoon, a fitting end to our holiday.

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