Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Just returned from another great trip to Shetland, one of the ways I judge whether or not a holiday has been good is by the lack of reading time. This holiday, only 2 pages read as we were out most of the time enjoying the great wildlife, scenery, music and food.

The weather when we arrived couldn't have been better, even Aberdeen was sunny when we left which is not the case on most spring trips. The weather continued to be good until last Wednesday when it started to cool down and become foggy in some parts. This did not deter us at all as usually you can travel west or north to get into sunshine.

It was good to see Beryl and Maurice again and to thank them in person for all the help and advice they are giving us on our move to Shetland. They seem to have detailed knowledge on most houses we have been looking at which is a massive benefit.  A few houses came up for sale which we would have been interested in but , as yet no interest back in Sheffield. We even managed to get a look at the place we will be renting in Shetland once everything goes through here.

I was surprised to see that diesel was only 6p different to that in Aberdeen, normally it is 20p. The cheapest to the north of Lerwick town centre £144.9 last Thursday.  Could do with leveling out when we make the move , you never know.

                                                                                           North towards Fitfull Head

Plenty more to come over the next few weeks

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