Saturday, 29 March 2014

Normal service

Finally got the car back last Tuesday after virtually 4 weeks off the road, hope that's an end to the problems, but will get the car serviced just before we leave Sheffield. The other car we borrowed was very poor on fuel and it was good to see our car doing 59 mpg on a run down to Boston.

We have recently returned the signed contract to our solicitors and sort of agreed a move date of the 18 April, but the buyers have come back wanting an earlier date as the will have to pay a months rent if the move happens after the 11 April, which is too soon for us. We will work this out hopefully.

Two more houses near us have come onto the market while one more is still up for sale, this one for nearly a year, so we know what they are going through. We have been making a list of people to notify about our move, such as the council, gas board, bank etc so we can make sure we are not paying more than necessary for services on the Sheffield house.

One thing that will be different is that in Shetland there will be no gas, so either electric or oil will have to do, both of which are costly. We are looking into the new Air heating system and two companies offer this in Shetland. Also we will make sure that it has adequate insulation otherwise we will be throwing away good money.

We have checked out the ferry costs and just need to make sure that we pick a day where gales aren't disrupting the crossing. It will take us around 6.5 hours to get up from Sheffield to Aberdeen and will need a few stops for the cat.

With the move date in mind we have arranged our leaving party so we will have a full house if everyone turns up, this will be a mixture of family and friends. We have just got onto Skype and it will be good to see our family and friends as well as hear them. First though we need a house with an internet connection as the rented one does't have this facility.

Our rented bungalow is waiting for us and we are very grateful for the people that are renting this to us that they have been so patient as we first told them we might be moving at the beginning of March. Its a relief that we have this sorted out as there is very few places to rent and this is down to our friends in Shetland for helping with this.
                                                                                                A Shetland sheep

Not a good day at the match with the Owls loosing 1-4 to Watford, only one match left that we can get to as we now have a move date of the 15 April so everything is now moving fast.


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