Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Computer problems

Since my last post the car has still been off the road waiting for the new BSI unit to be coded in. It appears that Citroen don't let independent garages know when they are updating codes, so they have to apply and then update their own computer before they can work on our car. Hope to get it back later this week as its costing a fortune to insure the hire car , and the fuel consumption is rubbish at only 18 mpg

The solicitors are still sending letters back and forth so things are still moving forward according to the estate agents. The searches are just being conducted and this will take about 10 day so its looking more like the end of the month before we move, which is just what we want.

Over the past few days we have been saying good bye to two groups of friends that we only see occasionally, a number want to keep in touch which is great. We hope to have some sort of a leaving party for our family and close friends but are undecided when to hold this.

Spring is in full flow down in Sheffield with many flowers out and many birds singing. Its good to get some sunshine at last as the wind drops. I have managed to get out into Derbyshire a few times running photography sessions, the adult education classes are just about to come to ahead next week. I have enquired about doing courses in Shetland and will think about this for later in the year, the pay is only 1/2 that I receive in Sheffield but i really enjoy doing the courses. I will be looking to combine these with other work

I still have a number of talks to do starting again next week with a talk on Shetland to a disabled group in Derby, followed the same evening with a talk in Boston to the RSPB group , on you guessed it Shetland again. The following day in Nottingham giving a talk on flight to the Oddfellows group.

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