Wednesday, 26 February 2014

mixed news

More bad news on the car front as the garage phoned to say the BSI unit (controls all the electrics) is completely knackered and that i will need a new one, so the cost has now gone up. Mind you its better that this is replaced now rather than when we move to Shetland. Hopefully the car should be ready Friday, a good job because the car I have borrowed is rubbish on fuel, only 19 mpg a Renault Scenic

With the move we have now received a number of detailed questions from our solicitor which have to be answered before the next stage can begin. Our problem is that they are asking for certificates for the boiler that was installed 12 years ago and the FENSA certificates for all the replacement double glazing, neither of which we can find.

A reply back from the solicitors indicate that this can all be covered by issuing an indemnity insurance certificate. Relief as it would be a problem.

Good news came the way of my certificate for the recent PTTL's  , distance learning course I have just passed, this is a level 4 qualification award in preparing to teach in lifelong learning sector (Adult education). I am already delivering four photography courses in Sheffield.

Looks like spring might have arrived with all the birds singing and displaying, the sun has at last come out after a very long period of wet weather, Saying this may be bad news as winter can come back with a bit.

We are just licking our lips with the anticipation of moving to Shetland next month

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