Saturday, 8 February 2014

Bad week

Sometime things never go right and this week we have had several things go wrong. It started last weekend when the drier packed up needing a new belt, so we got that back yesterday. The gas cooker stopped working and we have just found out the the top needs replacing, so a few hundred pounds of work. Then our car suffered damaged to the rear when a car reversed into it and drove off without stopping, fortunately some one managed to get his registration number and this has been reported to the police.

We will have to look at our insurance to see what the excess is before reporting it. Then in addition the central heating boiler packed up, lucky we had some insurance on it so they have just been and repaired it. On top of this we had a water leak with water coming through the kitchen ceiling from the bathroom, still got to have this repaired.This morning we found out that one of our friends died in hospital after a long illness, so we wait for the funeral date, which should be next week

Diane  is having problems with her blood pressure tablets which are changing again as its too high. We know its finding the right balance but she is getting fed up with the whole thing and wants a break. She has been under the hospital and doctors for all her life so you can understand the concern. Test after test is just increasing her blood pressure
                                                                           Sumburgh a good place to lower your blood pressure

 Just as you think nothing else could happen the car starts acting up, not sure whether this is connected with the bump or not, but the wipers keep coming on , the lights have blown on the front passenger side and the display flashes up with warnings about the brakes, seat belts, anti pollution filter and other things.
All in all a very demanding week. This is nothing compared to the problems people are having down south with the flooding, so we have to be positive

Still not received any feedback from the house survey that was conducted two weeks ago, so that could be good news as it means the move date may be mid march instead of the start of the month.
Always good to see a variety of ships in Shetland

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