Monday, 3 February 2014

Moving closer

The survey was conducted  just over a week ago and we are still awaiting the results

We now have met again with  Specialised movers, they are very professional and would recommend them to anyone. My sister in law has used them twice already with no problem. The other good news is that they are not increasing the cost. Also they have moved two people from Sheffield to Shetland in the past few years, including one of the ex Sheffield Wednesday groundsmen.

We thought that we had sorted out bungalow in the Sandwick but as it turns out they have increased the cost of the rent considerably since last year, this has become a problem because the Sullom Voe construction workers cannot find enough accommodation so are looking further south than Lerwick and are pushing the costs up. We were told that accommodation north of Lerwick is fetching between £1000-£5000 per week. One thing in our favor though is that alot of people have had problem with construction workers renting,  causing damage and even stealing things At least we can come with recommendations. Also if we relied on the estate agents we would be struggling as well as they only have one up for rent.

People are also keeping an ear open for any houses due to come up for sale. Only two we would be looking at so far which have both  been up for sale for about a year.

Our solicitors are moving the sale on and we have just reviewed the items to be left and confirmed some details about ground rent etc. Although the buyers are pushing for a move by the end of February we would prefer at least the fend of the first week in March as i have three WEA adult education photography courses to finish off and three other photography jobs taking place at the end of February and need time to process them.
 In Sheffield we seemed to be swamped with students with numbers increasing year by year. They too look for houses to rent but find the rate about £300- £450 per month

Phase One : sell house and move out to another property in Sheffield short term until we arrange the ferry
Phase two: move into the short term accommodation with all our belongings going into storage
Phase three travel up to Shetland and stay in rented bungalow
Phase four; Buy a house asap and request that our belonging are sent up from Sheffield
Phase five: get things sorted with the house

Well that's the plan, but the travel to Shetland will be dependent on the weather.

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