Sunday, 26 January 2014

Minor fireworks

Things have started to hot up this week after 5 viewing last week. We then got two people bidding, one only offered once which was too low, but the others started low and increased four times, the last one we accepted which was lower than we wanted but we are taking a chance.

The big news is that they want to move in by the end of February, alot sooner than we wanted. I have three courses i want to finish delivering, all these end at the start of March so hope we can stay for these. We are hoping that we can stop in Diane's mother in laws empty house for a few days so we can arrange the ferry.

We have meetings planned this week with the movers,Surveyors and our solicitors. Most of our things will go into storage, it depends what we can fit into the car, which has got to last us until we buy a house and have our things shipped up.

Our friends Beryl and Maurice are helping to sort out some rented accommodation in Shetland, we know of one property so far so that will help. Cannot believe how quickly its moving, we expected to have around 10-12 weeks but it never goes to plan.

Round the corner a house which had been sold for the third time is back up for sale again, must have bee down to the survey. Another house a bit further away is also having these problems, lets hope ours goes through smoothly. They are first time buyers and have today confirmed their mortgage details and details have been passed to both solicitors.

However you can never count your chickens, things cannot be taken for granted so for now we are not getting too excited. Just hope the survey comes back ok for them.

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