Thursday, 16 January 2014

Strange week

Since Christmas things have been picking up on the viewing front. Suddenly we have had four viewings booked for this week, three have taken place already. One first time buyer arrived and didn't look that interested really but came back the next day with a low bid.(Monday) which we rejected.

The following day nothing, then Wednesday another bid came in a bit better but still less than we could afford to accept, so rejected that one as well. Thursday morning came and the estate agents said two people were now bidding, one who came three weeks ago, again with a low bid and then followed by another revised bid from the first couple , falling just short of what we could accept.  We decided that if we changed a few things we could now come down slightly more than first thought so that left a £2000 short of the very lowest we could accept.

Just to remind us, if we needed that, i also gave an illustrated talk on Shetland Thursday night to stir up a few memories so it would appear this might be our year

                                                                                     Sunset over Quendale Bay

This week has been very busy as well with trying to get all my course work and presentation ready for the micro teaching session and assessment next Wednesday. Not very happy that i will have to travel to Leeds for this when i had originally booked to do this in Sheffield. Will be glad when this is completed as next week I will be delivering three different photography courses at different levels, so alot of preparation
Need to relax doing some photography after next week

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