Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 dreams

Happy new year  -Well I hope you got the Christmas presents you were looking for. We decided to hold off for our main present and look forward to receiving it early in 2014. The sale of our house !!

On the 1 February it will be  year since we put our house up for sale, sometimes its seems longer. We are not getting disillusioned yet, we still have hope and as we may have mentioned, we still have the option to reduce the price again .

We saw some friends last week we hadn't seen for a while, they informed us that they will be moving to Orkney by June, so we could have close neighbors when we eventually move up to Shetland.Christmas would have been a bad time to move anyway  as Shetland had several snowy days and a run of more than 10 days of gales.

One thing we will miss is visiting Diane's sister and husband and the rest of our friends, its never the same on the phone, that's when its working. We still want to visit Sheffield each year if we can afford it, but we have Skype so at least we can see them as we speak.

There is so much to look forward to, these far out weigh the negatives, no one can move and not feel some regret yet moving becomes a new adventure, a new chapter in our lives and we are keen to explore the islands, see the wildlife, meet the people and see the northern lights and other night sky delights

In the meantime I am taking my PTTL's qualification later this month which allows me to teach adult education courses, so that might be one avenue to go down once we have moved. I really enjoy delivering courses- both photographic and wildlife , meeting people and even building the content. We will see what happens, any way for now we will wait and see who comes to see our house and continue our dream in Sheffield until it happens then we can fulfill our dream.

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  1. Very interested to read your blog, as we too intend to move to the Shetland Islands as soon as we have sold our property in Lincolnshire.

    It has been on the market for a year now, but so far all prospective buyers still have a property to sell, so we wait patiently.

    Our property details in case anyone is interested:

    We too have our Shetland dreams of cleaner air, beautiful countryside, and peace and quiet, can't wait to see the wildlife and start growing of our own produce. Intend to keep goats and chickens, and who knows what else!

    We would be very interested to know how you have arranged your rented accommodation while you are looking for somewhere to buy.

    I shall be moving there with my adult single son and only two dogs, (At the moment.) as I seem to collect unwanted animals!

    We follow your blog with great interest.