Friday, 13 June 2014

Fund raising

Shetland people are always up for supporting a good cause and over the last couple of weekends they have turned out in good numbers to support the Lifeboat Galas at Aith on the west coast and Lerwick. 

Aith raised £6400 which is fantastic as this year the numbers seemed down on the previous years yet the total was the biggest so far. Just waiting on the Lerwick figure.

Lifeboats play a big part in the life of most Shetlanders so supporting this is a non brainier. The attractions at both included a good variety of music and other entertainment and of course teas. Shetland always has excellent teas and every Sunday most halls have teas to raise funds for this or that.

We are just coming round to the fact that we will be living in Shetland now that we have secured a house. Its strange that the methods are so different, this week we had to produce photo ID and our national insurance numbers. One good thing is that the council tax includes the water rates so we save a bit there. We are looking to get Air heating in the house as soon as possible after we gain entry, there is solid fuel at present and while we plan the leave this in it would be better long term for the alternative heating to be put in, there is also a grant for this.
                                                                                  Longboats not needed.

                                                               The Vikings arrive for the lifeboat gala in Aith

                               The ice cream must be good with so many different people and animals queuing

It always seems strange that the nights are light, coming back on Wednesday from a night in Lerwick we arrived back at the cottage at just before midnight and it was still light, no need for lights. Its just a pity we don't have enough energy to keep going 23 hours a day to make the most of it.

The weather has been really good, the best spring in Shetland for a long time. But with all good weather its the night that usually has Fog as the cold air meets the warm air, this has been good for photography (see for more.

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