Thursday, 26 June 2014


This week Lerwick is the focus of the 28th Bergen – Shetland yacht race 26- 29 June with over 40 yachts due to take part (Hope to get some photos for next week).

                                         A few cruise liners even one from Saga on its maiden voyage to Norway

 In addition, many ships including cruise liners are coming into Lerwick providing added interest. The sound of the Shetland and English language was slightly overpowered by the many Norwegians, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian visitors making Shetland a`` most want destination’’ on the tours this week.


In fact over 40,000 visitors come by boat to boost the local economy.

This cruise ship had people from Spain, France and Italy

                                                                     Heading south after visiting Lerwick and Iceland

Only the other week visitors arrived on yachts from America and Canada. Shetlanders have a keen interest in what happens on the sea, being superb fishermen. If you down to the pier at any time you will see a number come by to see what’s arrived, this is a daily occurrence and we are getting into the habit as well.

                                                                                  Oil ships always around the east coast

Before moving to Shetland we would have to make a 70 mile trip to the east coast to a seaside resort. I have always found a port far more interesting with plenty of comings and goings, fish being landed, they lure many seagulls and of course there is the smell.

                                                                         A superb training ship from Norway

Last weekend the Shetland catch opened its doors to celebrate its 25th anniversary and over 1,000 people visited. People toured the factory as well as pelagic boats Adenia and Charisma and there was also a chance to sample some of the products such as Herring pate and smoked mackerel canapés. We can also recommend the local smoked mackerel fishcakes which can be bought at any chip shop.

                                                                        Another training ship from Norway 

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