Thursday, 3 July 2014


Its really good to be near the sea, from Sheffield we had to travel about 70 miles to get to the coast but here in Shetland no place can be more than 3 miles from the sea. Everything in Shetland is dependent on the sea, with fishing a large part of Shetland life or at least having a boat. It seems odd to find boats well away from the sea but repairs have to be done some where.

This Ship is very happy to see that we have moved to Shetland

Often you come across well weathered boats next to crofts, others that have passed there sell by date and used as roofs for outbuildings. This is all down to the scarcity of wood on the islands. Up on Unst two lifeboats from WW2 can be found at Skaw and Norwick which are used for this purpose.

Shetland people are always interested in what ships come into Lerwick harbour and during the evening in Spring you see many cars touring round the harbour to see whats around. This year Shetland is expecting around 45,000 visitors to come from cruises, this is an important part of the economy.

Unexpected ships turn up such as this Danish training vessel , this one stayed around a week in Lerwick
Many ships that arrive in Shetland are connected to the Oil and Gas plant at Sullom Voe, these always tend to be red. Often the have safety training days when several can be seen at various points around the coast, often with Oscar Charlie in attendance

Lots more over the last weeks as the tourist season picks up.

                                               This cruises ship held nearly 4,000 people from Spain, Italy and France
                                                                          One way to get ashore from the above ship

More to come from the harbour next week.

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