Monday, 28 July 2014

Fun Day

Sandwick Family Fun Day

On Saturday we attended the fun day in Sandwick, one of the best days since the event started about 5 years ago. The sun shone and the people came in good numbers to a well organised event with plenty to see.
Circus acts performed juggling and you could have ago on stilts. 
                                                                    Diane with the current Guiser Jarl for the south mainland

The Sandwick fire engine and Police van provided an opportunity for a closer look, especially from the children. The main events took place in the Tea tent with Birls Aloud and Evergreen taking part with Shetland got’s talent winners all the way from Yell.

                                                                                                 `Birls Aloud'
At the end of the day a sheep race took part on the road, each sheep supporting a coloured ribbon, the one with the yellow ribbon won the race.
                                                                                   Sheep receiving last minute tactic talks
                                                                                                           There off !!

                                                                                          and its Yellow the winner 

This is just one of the numerous events taking place around Shetland and is a great way of supporting the community.
                                                                                          Maurice Smith a great compare

Today our move came closer as we received the home and energy report and went straight over to our solicitors to pay the agreed fee, hopefully we will have the keys this Friday and we can arrange for all the services to be installed. Our belongings will be transported from Sheffield next week. It will be good to be able to wear some other than what we brought with us in a couple of suitcases. 

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