Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lerwick Harbour busy again

Lerwick continues to be very busy after the Lerwick Carnival which attracted around 4,000 people, a bit further up north, the Simmer Dim motorbike rally attracted around 500 campers and many locals attended the event.

Back in Lerwick a week or so ago, saw an international market and flowers brought over from Holland.

While the weekend was busy with the Lerwick Gala, the Fair Isle Festival, live music in the town centre and the harbour full of yachts competing in the Bergen – Shetland race.

The winners of the race completed the event in 23 hours 43 mins who caught some good winds, the next yachts were 10-12 hours behind them. On Saturday the 42 yachts made the harbour look very colourful, and again the sound of lots of foreign languages mingled with Shetland accents.

Other ships were around but had to find other berths along the front, although none as big as the cruise ship from last week –the `White’, Costa Pacifica which had 3900 people aboard.

On Saturday night we attended the music event at the Carnegie Hall in Sandwick, the traditional regatta variety concert.
Live music in Lerwick, these Fiddler will appear with others down at the Edinburgh Tattoo next month- watch out for them on the TV

The weather is still dry and lots of the smaller lochs are drying up, who would have thought that the weather would be better than the rest of the UK. 

Lerwick is the busiest port in the UK with over 5,000 vessels coming in each year.
                                                                Even Saga cruise ships calls in, this one off to Norway

 An unusual one, this long boat from Norway had problems with the mast which broke so ended up in the harbour

                                                                                      Dim Riv always in Lerwick
                                                          Cruise ship with passengers on the Fred Olsen Tour
And finally a Royal Navy boat, the Yorkshire Unit How things change its only 12 weeks since we left Sheffield and now the sea surround it ?

                                                                      Royal Navy Patrol Boat

On the housing front we have just received confirmation today that the energy report has been received so the home report should follow next week. Cannot wait until we can get into our new house and get all our things up from storage in Sheffield.

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