Friday, 15 August 2014

All settled in

It’s finally happened, we moved into our new Shetland house yesterday. A lot sooner than another couple we met back in April who have been out bid several times and are no closer to their dream. Another two months, that’s all they have given before they return to Edinburgh, with less and less property on the market towards the end of the year its going to be difficult for them..
                                                                        From Compass Hill South Mainland

We had the keys 2 weeks before the actual move and everything went through smoothly. During the past couple of weeks we have been trying to sort out a few improvements, which has involved trying to get a joiner to come to give a quote for fitting new kitchen units and fixing a couple of doors.

 After trying a number of people they all said they were busy, but after talking to a couple from Sandwick we managed to get one to come over and we await the quote. He did however come and take a window out so we were able to get the largest of the furniture in the house, without this we wouldn’t have got most of the things in the front door as it is very narrow. I could understand this of the old croft houses but ours was built in 1974. Lucky for us the weather stayed dry while the window was out. Now all we need to do is unpack boxes and boxes of our things and settle in, so I am sure we will need to relax over a glass of wine tonight

                                                                   Across Burra to Foula in the distance

We also arranged for Shetland Heatsave to come and install Air- Air heating which is far more economical than any electric storage heaters, they should be with us early September. If you get a tradesman then the other problem is getting the materials, it often takes over 2 weeks to get it up from Scotland at a premium postage rate. Taking about post, it was interesting to hear about a letter sent to someone on Yell that only had a christian name and the island on the envelope but still got delivered, what great service

With any other small things try Amazon as they don’t charge for postage to Shetland, some other companies charge around £30 postage for even little items, a complete rip off. We discovered a great little shop for 2nd hand furniture; Cope has a good range of items at great prices, it’s in the Grimista estate at the north end of Lerwick.

The football season has now kicked off and Sheffield Wednesday have two victories so far, better than last season where they went around 12 matches before a win. Will miss watching them but at least we will be able to listen on `Wednesday player’.
                                                                   Sam Hutchinson signed from Chelsea

It was also odd to find out that the winner of the European Fireball championship yacht race which took place just outside Lerwick was won by a Sheffielder, Tom Gillard. He comes from the Viking Sailing club, not sure where this is based but it may be down at Rother Valley Country Park.
                                                             European Fireball yacht championship

Talking about boats, a very expensive looking yacht, the Vive La Vie was in Lerwick recently, it is owned by a Swiss multi-millionaire who is travelling around the world

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