Thursday, 7 August 2014

Very soon

We received the keys to our new house on the 1 August but we won’t be moving in for a few weeks as the removal company cannot transport our belongings to Shetland until  the 14 August. Our other concern is whether or not the settee will fit in through the door as it is narrow bends just inside.

We had to take the window out before the settee would come out at our Sheffield home, at this house they are wooden frames so would need a joiner to do the job, the problem is that we cannot get one to come for a few months so we can foresee problems before we start.
                                                                              Fire Ball race just outside Lerwick

A few things need doing, like doors on the kitchen to stop our cat coming into the bedroom and to stop drafts and a new heating system, hopefully air- air.  We have been told that the criteria have changed for the new heating grant scheme and we no long qualify. No one has been told this, we only found out because we went to record our Energy Report number to the existing application form. Also there is at least a six month waiting list to get someone to undertake a Green Deal advice report; we are looking to pay for this to be done to speed things up.
                                                                          Another accommodation ship in north Lerwick

The kitchen units are also insufficient for our needs but so far we have received little help in finding any with the sales people in both shops we have visited so laid back we have come away empty handed.

Some of the outside paintwork needs to be done soon as possible, the main structure was painted earlier this year, and needs to be done every 5 years, but the window frames need doing. Altogether far less work than any other house we went to view and we are keen to get started but are concerned about the cost of the other things as they are dearer here and also have trouble getting tradesmen to come and do the smaller jobs.

Last week we had our 31st wedding anniversary and decided to go for a meal at the weekend down at Sumburgh Hotel, which as usual was excellent. We have been into Lerwick a number of times to sort things out and use the internet.

This week has been very busy with Cruise Liners and the streets of Lerwick filled with sounds of American, Dutch, German, Spanish and Scandinavian voices. Tourism is a very important part of the economy in Shetland and around 40,000 people come via cruise ships.

One ship, stood out this week when the massive 215 metre Chinese heavy transport ship, the Xiang Yun Kou arrived carrying a large Oil storage tank on board. Later in the week it lowered the rear end and floated the storage tank off the back, an amazing sight.

It’s Fiddlers Frenzy this week and we are looking forward to attending concerts throughout the festival, more to come on this.
                                                            Shetland tunes on Shetland instruments

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