Monday, 1 September 2014

September arrives

Its been a busy old week, with the solid fuel burner out, decorating the living room, some electrics that needed sorting and repairs to the ceiling and wall where the burner was located. A few things have arrived from Amazon, one of the few companies that deliver free.
                                                                  A very heavy stove it took 4 people to move it

We also got set up on Skype and made contact with Diane's sister in Sheffield, it was a big surprise to find out that the quality of the picture and sound was so good. Its so much better to see someone at the other end instead of just phoning.

The last time we could be seen on screen so to speak was when we went into Lerwick about a month ago and stood in front of the webcam near the harbour and talked on the mobile phone. We bet some people thought we were nuts!!!

Lerwick seems to be getting a bit quieter now that the main tourist season is almost over. Today though a large ship arrived, the Black Watch  and a superb clipper the Pogoria. Its always an interesting place to visit, you just never know what will turn up and watching is a traditional Shetland pastime.

Yesterday we visited one of our local beach at Sandsayre, to find that a few yachts we out in the bay and an ice bucket challenge was taking place.

The weather has really been superb this spring and summer, apart from one day when it rained so heavy that several landslides occurred and even the road was flooded. Yet some nights the sunset has given some glorious colours, once or twice the stars have even come out from behind the cloud that seem to gather at the end of the day, but too windy for any photography.

Some people actually saw an aurora the other night further north, we are so looking forward to seeing one ourselves.

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