Thursday, 25 September 2014

St Ninian's isle

Just over the hill from us, on the west side is Bigton and close by is St Ninian isle. The superb white shell sand tombolo, considered one of the best in Europe leads across to an island where in 1958 a local schoolboy discovered a hoard of Pictish silver.

The tombolo has been built up by wave action from the Atlantic around the island. On some rare occasions you may need to wear willies to cross. The beach holds a Rural Seaside Award from Keep Scotland Beautiful.

 During the excavation at the church (believed to be Norse 1150, they discovered that it had been built on an earlier pre- Norse structure.

Twenty –eight pieces were buried in a box made of larch. Replicas can be seen at the Shetland museum, Shetlanders say the originals were `stolen’ for safe keeping and is on display in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Crossing to the far side of St Ninian isle you come to some spectacular rocks and skerries which are home to colonies of Fulmar Kittiwake and a few Razorbill and Guillemot.

This is a major attraction in Shetland and draws people from all over the world. We met up with people from Germany, France, and Switzerland – and Eddie Granlund and his wife from Sweden. Eddie is a wildlife photographer, some great photos at (, he is a fellow Nikon user so it was good to compare information.

Now that autumn  has arrived the winds are starting to blow the sand up and a trek over sometimes feels like you are crossing a desert. You do have the consolation that you have the whole beach to yourselves.

Back home we are still waiting to hear back from three joiners who are quoting for a new window and door, it seems that a price depends on one person who is off ill.With winter quickly approaching we don't want a board leaving up to the window but even if we agree a price this week the door a window frame still has to be made. One person we spoke to the other day was still waiting for a door ordered two months ago so its not looking good.

Having had the `Air to Air' heating in for a few weeks we are very pleased with it. Its seemed strange at first as we are used to looking at a fire which always makes you feel warmer, now with the heaters on the wall we have a great view to look at instead.

Last night we managed to get tickets for the High Level Music Gala concert at the Clickimin centre. It was packed out and no wonder as all the students then teachers gave some great music renditions. Its great that so many young ones have a musical talent. Music is a big part of the culture and identity of Shetland.

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