Tuesday, 17 November 2015


This week it was dominated by storms, especially on Thursday night / Friday. Storms had been predicted at Force 10 for Shetland and as a result many things were cancelled, schools and the college closed as well as the Lunch club for the elderly.

The winds really hit with a bang on Thursday night with 80+mph recorded at Sumburgh. Ferries made an early start for second time in the week while the north bound ferry only travelled as far as Orkney. The sea is not a place to be, although i did see a fishing boat battling the high waves.

Thursday night also brought over 40 lightening strikes and this resulted in over 1000 homes and business in the central mainland loosing power for a number of hours. On Friday the winds eased but many hail storms brought white roads.

Saturday brought more gales  so we went up to Eshaness, a place where i have always wanted to go in stormy weather. First stop was  to look at the Drongs, it was very difficult trying to open the car door as the strong winds smashed against it.

Over at Stenness where the sea was rushing into Dor holm, although on this occasion spray was not going over the top. Out to the west large waves crashed on rocks which was dramatic. A number of other cars came to this point for a brief look.

Next up to the cliffs at Eshaness for more spectacular scenes, more dramatic than the last with higher waves. It was difficult to stand steady as winds hit me. Again a number of cars arrived but few got out to get a better view. By this time the rain and hail came lashing down, but at least the camera was dry as i was using a protective waterproof cover.

Sunday was still, sunny and dry up to teatime before the winds and rain returned, and again Monday night. The prediction for the end of the week is for snow. I don't mind this if i am not working but driving in Shetland can be hazardous with ditches beside most roads and ice on certain stretches. We will just see what comes.

Tesco's as usual have had no veg or fruit and on Friday, good job we went early on Thursday. Even the flights got cancelled for a few days due to fog.

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