Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Owls on the move.

Last Tuesday night was a great night as Sheffield Wednesday beat Arsenal 3-0 , that makes us better than Bayern Munich who lost 2-0 to Arsenal. Many times in the past the owls always lost to Arsenal 0-1 with Ian Wright scoring (well back in the 1980's)

                                                                                              Bigton at Sunset

Although we are many miles away from Sheffield we still listen to every match on the Wednesday Player is a vital link to us. As a regular Wednesday season ticket holder since 1967 it was always going to be difficult supporting the Owls this far north, but we still keep in touch with people who go. Its also been good to find a few other Owls fans living in Shetland.

                                                                                         Lerwick fishing boat

The world has become a smaller place with all the technology but it keeps us in touch with the matches and through skype, all our family and friends. We are lucky in Sandwick to have a good internet service, it's only failed us a few times, other areas are not so lucky.


Earlier in the week I attended the Flu Fair held at Clickimin centre, not to have an injection but to help out with the RVS. Around 800 people attended this first day, they came in showed the letter had the jab and we provided the tea and biscuits. This is a far better way than everyone spending time at the Doctors. Everyone was seen very quickly.


Although we have not had a lot of rain , there was a landslide at the Kame, this is where Viking energy plan to site some turbines. News out recently that the interconnector will now cost £1 billion so let's hope it doesn't happen.

You have to laugh at the weather forecasts, only two weeks ago a number of newspapers claimed that this week we would have the heaviest snowfall for 100 years & freezing temperatures. This week in the Mirror they are indicating that it will be the warmest November in 69 years. I have still to find an accurate forecast for Shetland, it's best to look outside to see what it is doing ! I just want some clear nights to get a bit of photography done.

                                                                          Looking north from Sumburgh Head

Its good news that my Intermediate Digital Photography course for Shetland Adult Education will start next week, a full course and others waiting. The beginners is just coming to an end and several of those on this course have enrolled for the intermediate, always a good sign things are going well

                  Looking to Foula

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