Monday, 25 April 2016

Up North

The Zebra has left Lerwick, this is the accommodation barge which has been in Lerwick for the past 3 years. The barge left last Thursday night in calmer conditions than the last few days with up to Gale force 9 on Tuesday. This should have been heading north to berth near Sullom Voe earlier in April but for some unknown reason was delayed.

We also headed north recently, to Nibon up on the north west mainland. This is the first visit to this highly attractive spot.

With no one else around we had the whole area to ourselves and really enjoyed it. a place we will be returning to.

This next week we will be having the new heating system installed. We hope that it takes no more than 2 days to install our new storage heaters, five in total plus a bit of other wiring. First though we have to move two very full bookcases to make room for the new heater in the living room.

We have also booked for a builder to come a rip the floor up and board it ready for the vinyl flooring. Hope that's an end to the work and spending.

It was good to hear that the Island Parish TV programme (based in Unst) is proving a great boost for the tourist industry. The Shetland Drama also proved a big hit and we have just found out they are now planning a new series.

Lambs are now being seen in the fields, its always a lot later here due to poor weather conditions. That is one big sign spring is here, the daffodils are out everywhere to add a splash of colour and the nights are getting lighter by the day.

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