Thursday, 5 May 2016

Scalloway on the sunny side

Working on the west side in Scalloway gives me opportunity to explore the area.  Scalloway was the ancient capital of Shetland up to 1708, when it was transferred to Lerwick. It has a small population of around 800, smaller than Sandwick

For anyone visiting it has much to offer, including a great café the `Cornerstone' which can be found near the castle. If you go in you should see a painting of one of my photos of Scalloway castle taken during Storm Gertrude (see header)

The slipway is in constant use with many boats coming in for a service or repair, always an interesting area.

Similar to Lerwick, Scalloway has many interesting lanes to explore, and many colourful houses (above) which reminds me of Tobermory in Mull

Secured just in-case the wind blows

                                                             Interesting stone plaque depicting the theory of tidal motion

Norway House

During World War 2 Scalloway was the  base for the Shetland bus, the Norwegian resistance movement. They used small fishing boats to bring refugees from Norway to Shetland then returned with weapons and agents. All the activity took place in the middle of winter in the worst of the winter weather. Norway house was used as barracks during the campaign

                                                                                              Still used today

                                                                                   Info about the Shetland Bus

Another interesting feature of the area is the number of very mature trees, quiet a rarity in Shetland.

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